today’s gem:

berbere folk metal group Andaz Uzzal covering an Idir song - L’mut

for an introduction to north african metal music visit this page:

The Tops - I Found You

(ben de seni.)

Get On Down - King Sporty & the Roots Rockers


In honor of the brand new reissue of the Make Up‘s seminal “gospedelia”record, Save Yourself [KLP105], K has assembled an all-encompassing Mail Order bundle, entitled the Make Up Super Pak!

Make Up Super Pak

This Pak includes:

 Demdike Stare’s new 12” Testpressing#5 is streaming on soundcloud.

 this one is a killer!!! “Past Majesty”

everyday we work a little harder harder harder

everyday we work a little more more more

everyday we work a little faster faster faster

"Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life started out as a page in the back of Maximum Rock’n’Roll in the late 80’s. It was a list of contacts in the underground scene who had sent in their information to try to help touring bands. From that, it grew to a yearly catalog of all things punk and underground. Several years ago, it migrated to the web, and it remains a barebones but vital networking tool for d.i.y. musicians."—

the picture above is theTurkey listings in 1994 edition :)